Three Safety Bath Aides for Seniors

Posted on: 18 August 2015


If you have an older relative that is living on their own and has mobility problems, they might be at risk when getting in and out of the bath. That is why bath aides are so helpful. There are a variety of bath aides, including seats and boards, that will allow your relative to bathe without injuring themselves.

Adjustable Seats and Benches

Among the different bath aides available, the ones that adjust are highly recommended. There are both seats and benches for showers that can adjust to fit you perfectly. Adjustable shower seats usually fit in either a stand-alone shower or a bathtub. It has removable arms and a removable back so you can choose whether or not you want them there. The legs are also adjustable, allowing you to choose the right height for you. Some of them also have handheld shower spray holders.

The adjustable benches are a little larger, so they are better for stand-alone showers. They are typically wider, so you feel more comfortable and secure sitting on it. They can also be adjusted for a right-hand or left-hand shower. They also have legs that adjust, removable parts, and suction feet to keep it secure.

Swivel Bath Seat

If you have very limited mobility and are not able to bathe yourself, you can get the swivel bath seat. This allows you to sit outside of the bathtub and have someone help swivel you into the correct position. You start by sitting on the seat that is mounted in the bathtub. Someone assists you by strapping you into the seat for extra protection, then swivels it around and pushes it toward the bath until you are inside, but still on the seat. They can then help you bathe or you may be able to do it yourself if everything is placed at your reach.

Mounted Bathtub Seat

There are also other bathtub seats that help seniors with limited abilities. For example, a mounted bathtub seat is similar to the swivel seat, except you can use it on your own. It helps when you can bathe yourself, but have difficulty stepping in and out of the bathtub and safely getting onto a bench or seat inside the tub. With this seat, you sit on it while it is positioned outside of the bathtub, then slowly slide down the railing until it is inside the bathtub. You can then bathe as normally while sitting inside, then slide back when you're finished.

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