• What's The Difference Between Personal Care And Home Health Care?

    If you're looking into in-home care for an aging parent or parents, you've probably come across a lot of unfamiliar terminology. The home care industry is extensive and includes many professionals who perform a variety of roles for their clients. Understanding how these roles differ and which ones might be appropriate for your situation can help you choose the best care option for your loved ones. While in-home care specialists may go by many names or titles, most broadly fall into the categories of personal care and home health care.
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  • In-Home Senior Care For Glaucoma Patients

    Glaucoma can rob your senior loved one of their vision. In addition to vision loss, a type of glaucoma can cause significant symptoms such as severe headache and eye pain, nausea, and vomiting. The vision loss and symptoms may make it difficult to live independently, and because of this, you and your loved one should consider in-home senior care services. Here are some benefits of in-home senior care as it pertains to glaucoma patients.
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