Considering A Nursing Home For Your Parent? Why In-Home Care May Be A Better Option

Posted on: 17 August 2022


If you are considering a nursing home for an aging parent, you may want to consider in-home care instead. Being able to stay in their own environment will be much better for your parent in most cases and can even help prevent depression. Below are some reasons why you should consider this for your parent so you can decide.

Release From Hospital Faster

If your parent is in the hospital for any reason, they may be released faster if they have in-home care available for them. Being able to recuperate at home may even help them heal faster as they will be much happier in their own environment. In-home care services can include nursing, social workers, therapists, and traditional caregivers. Your parent can receive the same treatment at home as they would in a hospital. You can also feel much better knowing the medical professionals providing the care will know if your parent needs more care at a hospital, such as if their health becomes worse. 

Save You Money

Depending on the type of in-home care you need for your parent, it may be less expensive when compared to the cost of a nursing home. With a nursing home, you may pay thousands of dollars a month to provide rent for the room for your parent, as well as the costs of their care. Contact a few nursing homes in your area to determine the costs for your parent. With in-home care, the costs are likely much less expensive. This is especially true if your parent does not require care 24/7 or does not require a lot of medical care from a nurse or other professional. 

More Comfortable For Your Parent

Your parent will feel much more comfortable in their own home around their own things. Being able to sleep in their own bed can help them sleep much better. This will make your parent much happier in their last days, especially if they are receiving end-of-life care. You and other family members do not have to go by a schedule of when you can visit your parent. Your parent can also do more for themself if they are able, such as prepare their own food, keep their home at a certain temperature setting, and more. 

Talk with a few in-home care services in your area, and they can give you much more information on how they can help you and your parent.  

Contact an in-home care provider to learn more.