Should You Upgrade To 24-Hour Home Care Services?

Posted on: 23 June 2023


Many people require a degree of home care at some point in their life. Home care needs arise from aging, post-surgical issues, accident injuries, mental disorders, and medical conditions. Some of these individuals may need to upgrade to 24-hour home care services. If you're unsure if you or a loved one might require 24-hour home care, here are the signs that it might be necessary.

Safety Issues Due to Mobility Problems

Getting around the house can become a safety issue in some instances. If someone is rehabilitating after a car wreck, for example, they might need to learn how to walk again as their body adapts to its new condition. Especially if their house isn't well-adapted to their needs, they might require 24-hour home care at least for a while to address the safety concerns associated with their limited mobility. A care professional can help them navigate their living space safely and deal with basic tasks like meal preparation and going to the bathroom.


Even if someone is physically able to handle their needs or those of a loved one, the task can lead to burnout. Family members may need time off from helping an elderly parent, for example. Even if they don't request 24-hour home care services every day of the week, a couple of nights off can help them avoid reaching the point of exhaustion.


Particularly among individuals with sleep disorders, mental issues, or dementia, wandering can be a problem. Many wander at night. Without supervision, this could lead to hazards in the home. In extreme cases, it leads to wandering out of the house and getting lost. Some folks even experience these issues in the daytime.

A 24-hour home care services provider can keep tabs on a person who wanders. If they hear them moving around at an unusual hour or near the exterior doors, the provider can intervene and steer them back to a familiar space.

Social Isolation

Many people with home care needs avoid social situations. This may be due to a desire to not be an inconvenience or fear of medical emergencies. Some folks just become habituated to social isolation when they're constantly handling their care needs. 24-hour home care ensures that someone will be present to interact with them.

Declining Health

Some people can address home care requirements for years with limited support. A steep decline in health, though, can challenge that situation. They may end up on a larger drug schedule or need assistance with complex medical equipment.

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