• Seven Problems That Seniors Can Avoid With Companionship Care

    Companionship care can make the lives of seniors better in many ways. Seniors are susceptible to certain problems that companionship care can really help them cope with or even avoid altogether. The following are seven problems that seniors can avoid with companionship care.  Transportation challenges Companionship care can involve helping to provide transportation to seniors. Companionship care providers can drive seniors around to get them out of the house. This is important because many seniors struggle with transportation challenges since they may no longer be driving.
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  • Benefits Of Stair Lift Chairs For CHF Patients

    If you have early-stage congestive heart failure (CHF), you may not have any symptoms or activity limitations. If your CHF progresses, however, your self-care needs may change, necessitating home health care or mobility aids such as stair lifts to help you move around your home as comfortably and safely as possible. Here are some benefits a stair lift chair can provide if you have symptomatic congestive heart failure.  Reduces Risk For Exercise Induced Breathing Problems
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