3 Tips That Will Entertain Your Elderly Relative As They Recover From An Injury

Posted on: 18 August 2015


If one of your elderly relatives is recovering from a bad fall, the following tips will provide them with entertainment while they are resting in bed. Each idea will boost your loved one's morale, which could assist in helping them get better faster.

Make A Slide Show Of Special Memories

Have some of your relative's favorite memories put onto slides. Bring some standard photographs or digital pictures to a photography shop and have them professionally transferred. Rent a slide projector and display the slides on one of the wall's in your loved one's bedroom. Play some music in the background to make the slideshow more interesting. Fast paced music can be played during some exciting photographic memories, such as slides of a baseball game or hiking trip and a softer ballad can be played while nostalgic moments are shown, such as a wedding day or birth of a child. 

Create A Scrapbook For Your Loved One To Embellish

Create a scrapbook of favorite destinations or certificates that your loved one has earned throughout their lifetime. Purchase embellishments, such as stickers, self-adhesive rhinestones and gems, decorative ribbon, and ribbons buttons. Provide markers, scissors, and glue. Give the book to your loved one and encourage them to decorate it however they wish. Once the book has been decorated, it can be displayed on a mantelpiece or shelf and your loved one can share it with their family members or friends when they stop by to visit. 

Order Takeout And Share A Special Movie Together

Set a date with your loved one to enjoy one of their favorite meals and watch some movies that they have been wanting to see. Order takeout and have it delivered to your loved one's home. Set up a table and chair next to your loved one's bed to enjoy the feast. Dim the lights and enjoy relaxing while sharing conversation with your loved one throughout each movie. Your loved one will cherish the special time that you have set aside for them and will appreciating being able to focus on something other than their injury for a while.

All of these ideas will help your loved one relax and stay busy while they are recovering from their injury. Before long, your loved one will feel as good as they did before they became injured and will have some fond memories that they can reflect back upon from time to time. 

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