When You Should Hire A Home Health Care Service For Your Loved One

Posted on: 4 February 2016


When you have an elderly loved one that requires regular care and assistance, you may find yourself in the position of being their primary caregiver. While you want to do the best you can to provide your loved one with everything they need, there may come a point when you will want to consider hiring a home health care service company to take over or supplement your care. In order to know whether or not that time has come, get to know some of the reasons you may want and need to hire a home health care service. Then, you will be able to make the right decision for you and your elderly loved one.

Your Loved One Needs Assistance Much Of The Time

There are different levels and amounts of care that your loved one may need and these needs may change over time. While it may be simple for you to help your loved one with the occasional errands and household chores, as your loved one begins to need more and more care and assistance it may put a strain on you and your daily life.

Think about your work schedule, other family obligations, and social obligations and determine how much time a week or day you can spend assisting your loved one. Once your loved one begins to need more help than you have time to provide without sacrificing other areas of your life in detrimental ways, you should hire a home health care service right away. Do not allow yourself to stretch yourself too thin to accommodate their needs. Both you and your loved one will likely suffer as a result because of built-up resentment.

Home health care services can provide your loved one with extensive full-time care. In fact, 24-hour care is an option from home care services so that your loved one will never be left alone to fend for themselves.

Your Loved One Has Extensive Medical Equipment And Needs

If your loved one begins to require the use of extensive medical equipment to maintain themselves on a daily basis, you may find yourself apprehensive about assisting them with the use of these devices. For example, your loved one may require a colostomy bag or catheter due to incontinence or recovery from surgery.

IV's are also commonly used in home health care, particularly in hospice care or if a person is suffering from a chronic condition or recovering from injuries or illness. If you are not comfortable changing IV bags, emptying a colostomy or catheter bag, or the like, you do not want to force yourself to do so. This can be dangerous for your and your loved one's health and safety as you could make a mistake while handling the medical equipment.

Home health care services are medically trained nurses or certified nursing assistants who are trained in the proper handling of medical equipment. As such, your loved one will be in good hands and you will not have to perform medical treatments that you are uncomfortable with.

Now that you know a few of the reasons that you should hire a home health care service for your loved one, you can make the best possible choices for you and your loved one. Contact a business, such as Lincoln Mobility, for more information.