Look For These Strengths If You Wish To Work As A Home Health Nurse

Posted on: 7 June 2016


Whether you have a medical background or you're simply someone who is looking to make a major career change, you might be tempted to explore the role of home health nurse. In this role, you'll spend shifts at patients' homes, providing the care they need to continue to live with a certain degree of independence. Before you use your credentials to apply for a position of this type or enroll in school to begin the process of working toward this career, you should always try to evaluate your personal strengths to determine if they're in alignment with a job of this type. Here are some strengths that you should have if you're interested in this career.

A Desire To Help Others

All of those who work in the healthcare field should possess a strong desire to help others, but this is especially important for those who work in the home health sector. This is because you'll definitely develop a strong bond with your patients, given the amount of time that you'll be spending with them. Whereas nurses in other facilities might treat dozens of different patients during every shift, you'll often spend long periods of time with single patients when you work as a home health nurse. A true desire to help those in your care is definitely necessary in this field.


While patience is key in a variety of jobs, you'll find more success as a home health nurse if you have a surplus of patience. Many of your patients might move slowly; something as seemingly simple as helping a patient use the bathroom could take a long time, for example. Likewise, some patients might be feeling down about their current health predicament. Your ability to stay patient, even when the situations in front of you are taxing, will make you a better home health nurse than someone who doesn't possess this attribute.

Comfort With Working Independently

In health clinics and hospitals, nurses have an entire team of other health professionals around them to rely upon; this isn't the case in the home health field. While home health nurses can certainly communicate with supervisors and peers via phone and the Internet, they'll need to be comfortable working independently with their patients for the most part. This means being adept with juggling multiple tasks at the same time without the assistance of others and the ability to make important decisions without consulting others. Contact a business, such as First In Care Home Health Agency Inc, for more information.