An Elderly Loved One Deserves A Helping Hand

Posted on: 15 November 2019


Time is precious and when you were younger, you may have pictured your father always being a strong caretaker who could handle just about any obstacle that he was faced with. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, people grow older and often begin to show signs of weariness, forgetfulness, and difficulty maintaining their balance. You may have come to the conclusion that your father is going to need some assistance with his daily routine.

Do Not Place Blame Or Act Intrusive

Being worried is normal and it can be especially troubling if you live in a neighboring state and don't have the chance to visit your father very often. You may feel guilty about living far away from your dad, but placing blame on yourself or wishing that you had done things differently will not change the current situation. You need to be objective, without invading your father's personal space.

Do not broach the topic of care with the intention of moving your father to an assisted living facility. He may want to stay put and maintain his independence. Instead, mention that you are concerned that his needs aren't being met and that you think that a caregiver could provide him with the extra support that he needs.

If your father is receptive to the idea, he won't need to make a long commitment. He can test the waters by having a caregiver stop at his house a few times each week to spend a couple of hours with him. The caregiver can give him a hand with preparing meals, reminding him to take his medication, or cleaning up his living space

Get Involved

If you have vacation time owed to you, it is a good idea to make a trip to see your father and to assist him with selecting a caregiver agency. A caregiver will be provided, matched to your dad's needs.

During your visit, help your dad organize his living space or install safety railings and other mobility aids that will prevent your father from falling. While speaking to someone at the caregiver agency, request information about senior transportation and social activities that are offered in the town. If your father is able to spend time outside of the home, enjoying the company of others or trying some new activities, he may discover that growing old isn't confining or isolating.

For more information, contact a senior home care service in your area.