2 Important Reasons To Consider A Home Care Service For Your Elderly Loved One

Posted on: 21 June 2021


If you have an elderly loved one whose health is declining, you will have to likely make a decision about whether to let them continue to live at home or admit them to an assisted living facility. Many families do not have the resources available for one family member to stop working and dedicate their time to 24/7 caretaking. Sometimes there is guilt associated with the decision to admit a loved one into an assisted living facility. However, there is a way to get your elderly loved one the specialized care that they need, and they can continue to live at home. 

A home care service can create a care schedule to meet the needs of your family. They can customize a plan that involves part-time or full-time care. The home care aides will ensure that important things like medication schedules and mealtimes are taken care of. They can also ensure that your loved one gets ready for bed or wakes up according to schedule if that is your preference. Some elderly individuals with declining cognitive abilities function better when they have set schedules.

The following points identify key ways a home care service could benefit your family. 

Reduce Confusion and Anxiety

If your family were to choose a facility, it could create confusion and anxiety. It might take your loved one a considerable length of time to adjust to the new surroundings. An abrupt decision to admit an individual with declining cognitive abilities may cause anxiety. The individual might not be able to communicate what they are feeling. The feelings of confusion and anxiety can lead to additional mental decline. Sometimes elderly individuals may show signs of depression even if they cannot communicate that they are depressed. Individuals who are aware and understand that they have transitioned into a facility might show more evident signs of depression and anxiety.

One-on-One Attention

There is likely not a way for your loved one to get one-on-one attention in a facility unless you or another family member intend to sit with them. Some families may change out this role within any given day. The issue is that rarely will this work for long-term purposes. Even with extra "hands on deck," burnout can occur. Home care ensures that your loved one has access to personalized care. There might be more than one caretaker that comes to provide assistance. However, the same aides will usually be assigned to take care of your loved one even if there are shift rotations.